Welcome to my site. I’m Kelly – twin mum, comms manager, dog lover, list-writer, over-sharer, cheese-and-wine-loving wife, and creator of Pops and Boo.

In 2017 my husband and I became a first time parents to fraternal twin girls. We’ve been winging our way through twin parenthood ever since, embracing the love, fun and chaos.

Pops and Boo – twin prints and milestone cards

Inspired by our girls, I started a new hobby designing some twin-themed prints for their nursery to keep my brain active while on maternity leave. I spent evenings sat by the fire with a cup of tea (glass of wine), working on the artwork and began to find it quite meditative. I developed a love for simple design and over time the artwork took shape and other ideas trickled in. I wanted to do something with them, so set up my shop, and Pops and Boo was born.

Hope you enjoy browsing our products.