My must-haves for twins aged 3-6 months

Bouncer chairs

From very early on, we used the Fisher Price chairs shown above and they are definitely up there with one of our best twin purchases. They weren’t as big as some of the other chairs or rockers, were suitable from birth and allowed the girls to see things from a different angle other than lying on their backs staring at the ceiling. They enjoyed watching TV in them, and sitting in the garden with us – which felt safer if the dog was dashing about. They soon figured out how to bounce them and pull the musical mobile, which they loved.

Mountain Buggy Duet

I  have to mention the Mountain Buggy Duet again. This remained a firm favourite item at this stage, too. See To Mountain Buggy or not to Mountain Buggy for more of my thoughts on this pushchair. Light to push, great off-road tyres, fits through all doorways (so far). It’s heavy to lift which has been the only down-side so far.

Wallaboo footmuffs

These footmuffs were lovely quality and minimal faff. They made life easier when it came to getting out of the house as babies aren’t the most co-operative when it comes to putting coats or cardigans on.  We didn’t need to with these – we’d pop them straight in, stick a hat on and they were super snug and warm to good to go. On colder days we just added a blanket underneath.

Sleeping bags

Once we’d stopped swaddling the twins at around three months old, we moved to bagging the babies in these grow bags. I was a bit paranoid of loose blankets and these worked really well as an alternative. They felt as secure as swaddles, and we had two different types and switched the tog depending on the temperature in the bedroom.

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