To Mountain Buggy, or not to Mountain Buggy?

One of the most difficult and surprisingly complicated decisions when it came to buying twin paraphernalia, was WHAT TWIN BUGGY TO GET! Oh my, this was a minefield. Because without physically going and not only seeing, but actually trying all these buggies; pushing them, turning them, off-roading with them, trying them through doorways (not least your own) lifting them, testing whether they’ll fit in the boot of your car, getting them on a bus (the list goes on), how will you ever know? And that’s pretty impossible when your babies are still in utero, but an expensive mistake to make if it doesn’t work out for you as they don’t come cheap. It’s a twin-buggy-jungle out there!

We went for the Mountain Buggy Duet (pictured) for a number of reasons and haven’t regretted it. Obviously, we haven’t tried all the other buggies out there, but this one suited us from the start. We went on recommendations from other twin parents and made an informed decision based on our personal needs, space and budget. But, research, research, research, was key.

The feature image is our Mountain Buggy used as a side-by-side, as intended. We use it like this all the time now that they’re toddlers. but in the first six months, we always used it with our Maxi Cosi car seats attached to the frame, like the photos below. Using the Mountain Buggy Duet adapter clip 31, it meant that we could keep the twins in their seats and smoothly transfer them in and out of the car with minimum disruption.

The buggy is light to push, easy to manoeuvre, and brilliant off-road. It’s very robust, and we’re yet to find a standard doorway it hasn’t fit through – quite a feat for a side-by-side pushchair. It does fold down pretty easily (into a square) but is heavy to lift, which is the only downside we’ve found.


I made this film early last year to show the buggy in its side-by-side set-up, how it was put together and how it fit through doorways and tight spaces at home.

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